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Titan Claim Flags Guide

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Titan is a powerful rank with a lot of features which can easily get confusing. We understand and we've prepared a guide to help!


Main command to create flags on your claim(s):

SetClaimFlag -
: Sets a flag on a GriefPrevention land claim.
usage: /SetClaimFlag <flag> <optional parameters>
aliases: [setflag, placeflag, putflag, claimflag, placeclaimflag, putclaimflag]

Available Flags for Titan -

  • AllowPVP - Toggle if PVP is available on your claim.
  • NoIceForm - Toggle the formation of ice on your claim.
  • NoMonsterSpawns - Toggle the spawning of hostile mobs on your claims (including phantoms).
  • PlayerWeather - Toggle the weather type for you and those on your claim.
  • NoEnterPlayer & NoEnter - Disallow certain players or all players from entering your claim.

- More coming soon!

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