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Rules & Buyer/Seller Protection

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The purpose of creating this it to make things easier and safer for both users and administrators. This will save immense time and ensure you are protected no matter what the circumstances may be. 


Basic Rules -

  • When agreeing on a job between buyer and seller, you must disclose the exact job description and job payment on the forums. This is to prevent evidence from being deleted should a party fall through. 
  • If you commit to either completing a job or paying for a job to be completed, know if you cannot fulfill your end of the agreement, you may be subject to punishment of various types.
  • You are NEVER allowed to offer real money or objects for jobs in this category. This is all made to do with in-game/digital currency and/or items. 

Buyer Protection -

To qualify for buyer protection, your request must be approved by an administrator. It is currently unknown how we will prevent the person from harming your land, but we will have a solution once this platform is fully launched. The payment will be protected by the server upon approval from and administrator. If you are not able to pay the job completer on completion of the job, the server will have to pay them and you will be subject to punishment.


Seller Protection -

To qualify for seller protection, the job request must also be approved by an administrator. If the buyer cannot pay you the full amount agreed upon on completion of the job, the server will fulfill your payment regardless. 

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