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You must wait 2 weeks before re-applying if your application is denied! You must also follow the red bolded directions. Failure to abide by either of these rules will result in an instant denial!


Basic Information -

  • MC Account Name & Server Nickname: swagmemes420, swagmemes420
  • Hours on our server (Must be 24+!): 24
  • Age: 16
  • Timezone: PDT
  • Experience in server administration (please list community names if applicable):  help people on forms for games (csgo) was a admin for a gmod server for a short time ( was unable to run gmod after my pc got waterdamage) 
  • Name some of your hobbies/talents/interests outside of Minecraft: doing football this year, games tbh, eating, outdoors, sports
  • If you have a donor rank, please list so here:


Server-Specific Long Answer Questions (Please use at least 4-6 sentence long, properly structured paragraphs; you can always exceed 6 sentences)


1. Why is it important to always be compassionate and caring to everyone on our server? Also describe how you would do so:

I don't know everyone's  situation so i should be very careful about what i say/act most people join servers for advice or help and ill be there to do so. I also have a open mind i think of the person and if i was in there position so i would have a level of understanding to what there thought process is. I'm not bias and i dont discriminate 


2. There are two users fighting in chat. You can tell the situation continues to escalate further even after giving both users several warnings and a fair chance to stop. How would you handle if they continued to argue? Have them duel to the death (jk) give them both a temporary cool down of 10-30m so they can relax cool down 


3. A user is asking you a question about the server. You and everyone else on the server does not know the correct answer to the question. What would you do to help guide this user to get his/her answer? Depending on the situation i would act differently if it was about a in game item/help there is always wiki and YT i would quickly do my research and properly and accurately give the information. If it was about a server issue such as 'why doesn't the nether work' i would trust skeptic to give me the information for the reason before hand and make notes so if i come across  the question ill be prepared. 


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