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Land Claim Disclaimer

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You MUST claim ANY land you are building on to ensure nobody harms it. If you do not, we should not be held liable for the consequences. In the event this does happen, we will attempt to help resolve it, but nothing is guaranteed. Any people the land owner trusts count as added owners of said property and anything they do is not protected by the rules, be careful who you are trusting! Anyone who intentionally griefs land that they are NOT permitted to use or is unclaimed will result in the immediate and permanent ban of your account(s) and IP Addresses.

If this does happen to you and you'd like us to attempt to intervene, please leave the land exactly how the griefer(s) left it. This gives us a higher chance and better accuracy of finding out who is behind it.

Once again, who ever you decide to trust on your land should be a very carefully thought out process. We cannot enforce griefing if someone is trusted in the said land because it's extremely time consuming and almost impossible to prove. This may not sound fair, of which I agree it may not be, but it has to be done to hold liability to the land owner. We don't have enough time or resources to investigate griefing of which was physically allowed by the property owner.

The punishment for griefing is a permanent ban with no chances to appeal. There are no exceptions to this, do not try to appeal a ban for griefing. If you make the decision to ruin someone else's work/fun, we cannot allow you to be apart of our server any longer.


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