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  1. Skeptic

    Denied Staff application

    Instant denial, you don’t meet the hour requirement.
  2. Skeptic

    Denied Yetzer's Helper Application in the Correct Format!

    Denied, insufficient time.
  3. Skeptic

    Denied zach3221908's Helper Application

    Denied. Short application with no effort, nothing really stands out.
  4. Skeptic

    My opinion on technology

    In terms of price to performance ratio, they aren't right now. But in general, I agree.
  5. Skeptic

    Helper Application Format

    Minecraft Account Name (exact): Aliases (other names you go by, or your shortened name with /nick): How long have you played on our server? (24h Minimum): Age (Must be 14+): Timezone: Do you have a working microphone and are you able to download Discord? (Y/n): Donation Rank (If applicable): Are...
  6. Skeptic

    Skeptic's To-Do List

  7. Skeptic

    Welcome to the new site!

    Welcome to the new site!
  8. Skeptic

    Skeptic's To-Do List

    Please reply if there's anything I need to fix or do for the server that's not included. Fix McMMO/Jobs Fix Kits Fix Crates/Keys Get a new menu for ranks that work Worldguard conflicts in Spawn Implement new rewards/milestones
  9. Skeptic

    Survival Server Rules

    1. Do not bully or harass other users or staff. This is a relaxed environment in which was made for you to have fun. We don’t want any hostility at all! 2. Do not intentionally grief any property except for property you have claimed. 3. Do not converse and/or indulge in unlawful activities on...