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Sep 18, 2019
This document's purpose is to try and lay the lines out for griefing out as simple but detailed as possible.
We strive to protect every user from grief as this is a passive survival server.

1. Raiding/Stealing is not allowed in any shape or fashion. You must have explicit from the owner of the items/property to take/use/steal their items.
2. Regardless of claim status, griefing and looting are not allowed. Players sometimes make mistakes while claiming land and claim it improperly or not at all. If you encounter this, you should notify an admin immediately that can take the proper steps to make sure that the issue be rectified.
3. If your land is claimed and you have trusted them with the /lands trust command, we cannot punish or replace items or damage done by the players you've trusted. Be sure to only trust people you are sure will not attempt to damage your claims.

You are responsible for properly claiming your land with /claim. If you do claim your land and it is effected by grief, we will try our best to correct the issue, although a desirable outcome is not guaranteed.

If you need to ensure you've claimed your land correctly, you should be able to check with a stick. Simply click a block with the stick in your hand and it should outline your claim for you if you've done it right.

We recommend everyone claim land before storing or building anything on it. We don't recommend leaving builds, chests, items, etc unclaimed. You can acquire more claim blocks by using the command /buyclaimblocks.

If we are able to find who was the culprit of the grief, we will permanently ban them with no questions asked. If you are affected by grief, we recommend you leave it exactly as you found it until a staff member can review the situation. This makes it easier to trace the culprit and accurately restore the area to it's original state.

You are also responsible for the people that you’ve trusted on your claim(s). If anything is stolen, damaged, etc we sadly cannot act upon the person who did it if they were trusted by the claim owner.
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