Helper Application Format

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Jan 16, 2019
  • Minecraft Account Name (exact):
  • Aliases (other names you go by, or your shortened name with /nick):
  • How long have you played on our server? (24h Minimum):
  • Age (Must be 14+):
  • Timezone:
  • Do you have a working microphone and are you able to download Discord? (Y/n):
  • Donation Rank (If applicable):
  • Are you able to speak any different languages? If so, list them here:

1.) How much time do you have to commit to our community?:

2.) What makes you better than the next applicant?:

3.) Have you ever had administrative action taken on you on our server? If so, please list the punishment(s) and reason(s):

4.) Do you have any hobbies, extra cirricular acitivies, sports or other things you participate in on your free time? If so please list them?:
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