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You are responsible for properly claiming your land with /claim. If you do not do this and your property is effected by grief, we will try out best to correct the issue but this is not guaranteed.

If you need to ensure you've claimed your land correctly, you should be able to check with a stick. Simply click a block with the stick in your hand and it should outline your claim for you if you've done it right.

We recommend everyone claim land before storing or building anything on it. We don't recommend leaving builds, chests, items, etc unclaimed. You can acquire more claim blocks by using the command /buyclaimblocks.

If we are able to find who was the culprit of the grief, we will permanently ban them with no questions asked. If you are affected by grief, we recommend you leave it exactly as you found it until a staff member can review the situation. This makes it easier to trace the culprit and accurately restore the area to it's original state.

You are also responsible for what people that you trust do to your land! We will not be held responsible if someone you have trusted does something to your land or steals items from the claim you trusted them on.
Not open for further replies.