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Feb 21, 2019
  • Minecraft Account Name (exact): DanielMagic20YT
  • Aliases (other names you go by, or your shortened name with /nick): Dan
  • How long have you played on our server? (24h Minimum): 24 min
  • Age (Must be 14+): 14
  • Timezone: EST
  • Do you have a working microphone and are you able to download Discord? (Y/n): Y
  • Donation Rank (If applicable):
  • Are you able to speak any different languages? If so, list them here: English, a little bit of hebrew and a little bit of spanish
1.) How much time do you have to commit to our community?: I can go on your server every 3-5 hours everyday

2.) What makes you better than the next applicant?: I am experienced and have watched a lot of videos about catching hackers and have caught hackers and resolved member problems and ect. I love helpign the community and love playing minecract. I think I am experienced player who knows a lot about helping a server.

3.) Have you ever had administrative action taken on you on our server? If so, please list the punishment(s) and reason(s): No I dont curse, hack or do anything bad

4.) Do you have any hobbies, extra cirricular acitivies, sports or other things you participate in on your free time? If so please list them?: No I have no life except minecraft, minecraft and minecraft
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Not open for further replies.