Survival Server Rules

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Jan 16, 2019
1. Do not bully or harass other users or staff. This is a relaxed environment in which was made for you to have fun. We don’t want any hostility at all!
2. Do not intentionally grief any property except for property you have claimed.
3. Do not converse and/or indulge in unlawful activities on our server! This includes but is not limited to the following: (D)DoS attacks, Doxing, Hacking, Etc.
4. Do not intentionally use exploits and/or glitches to gain anything of value on our server. Exploits and/or glitches should immediately be reported to an upper staff member and should not be spread and/or used. People who use exploits, even those who did not discover them, may be subject to disciplinary actions.
5. Do not use any discriminatory language of any kind. Do not discriminate against anyone for any reason, this is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.
6. No ERP/ Sexual Language/ or Pornography of any shape or form is allowed.
7. Do not use any of racist, homophobic or generally offensive slurs/language.
8. Donors are not allowed to give away and/or sell their donor exclusive items such as rank specific tools from kits.
9. Alternate accounts are NOT allowed, no exceptions.

Disclaimer: We will NOT be held responsible to damages to an unclaimed piece of land. If you are griefed but did not claim your land, we will attempt to restore your property. This is not guaranteed and we will not be held responsible if we cannot partially or fully restore the damages done.

You MUST claim all of your property! If you don’t have enough money, claim a smaller area and keep your base inside that claim until you can get enough money to expand it.
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