Denied Yetzer's Helper Application in the Correct Format!


New member
Jan 28, 2019
Minecraft Account Name: Yetzer

Aliases: Yetty

Server time: Around 2 days, with lots of hours active. And very positive with community.

Age: 16, I turn 17 on the 31st.

Timezone: I live in the Central Standard time I believe. It’s Iowa. Thats all.

Microphone: I have a beautiful Microphone, yes!

Discord: Sadly I do have a discord <3

Donation Rank: I have no prior Donation Rank or Donations.

I can speak English, touches of Spanish, touches of French, light on German. I’m wearing away on my French but I used to be very amazing. Sign language I’m a decent hand signer. But thats not important on a Minecraft server.

I have all the time from 5 PM to 3 AM every single day. Weekends leaving me 9 AM through 3 AM ( typically more afk from 12-2 PM )

Never so have I been punished or warned on the server. ( 0 )

I work, but that shouldn’t be a problem until June. Then my hours are reduced a bit, but thats ok! I’m still play friendly! I stopped playing sports, why get Arthritis from Baseball when I could get it from a keyboard and mouse.

P.S. I love you either way and I will manage to support this server day in and day out weather or not the outcome!
- Yetzer Monday, Jan. 28!